This Is A Sample Of Our Promoter Collaboration Agreement


Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival Promoter Collaboration Agreement

Comedy Promoter:___________________________________________________
Title of Festival/Event:________________________________________________
Company Name:_____________________________________________________
Phone No: __________________________________________________________
Fax: _______________________________________________________________

City, State and Zip:____________________________________________________                   

Event: MIDWEST "SHOW ME FUNNY" COMEDY FESTIVAL OR _____________________
Phone No: 314-243-6034
Email: marshellewoodland@gmail.com
Fax: ________________________________________

Address: 6614 CLAYTON RD. #177

This document serves as a binding contract between _____________________________________, hereafter known as "Comedy Promoter," and Marshelle Woodland, hereafter known as " Founder" of the Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Festival Collaboration, signed on the date of ________________________. The Comedy Promoter desires to organize a pre-competition and/or audition in his/her own state to collaborate with the "Founder" for her event(s). This is a collaboration of comedy festivals events. This idea was founded and planned out by Marshelle Woodland also known as Comedian Ms. Woody. The winner from the "Comedy Promoter's" event will be sponsored by the ""Comedy Promoter to include lodging & travel cost to attend the MIDWEST "SHOW ME FUNNY” COMEDY FESTIVAL. The MIDWEST "SHOW ME FUNNY" COMEDY FESTIVAL target date of ______________________to start in the host city of ________________________________________.

The MIDWEST "SHOW ME FUNNY" COMEDY FESTIVAL could possibly span over 2 weekends. The MIDWEST "SHOW ME FUNNY" COMEDY FESTIVAL finals location(s) are to be announced by __________________. The main event for the MIDWEST "SHOW ME FUNNY" COMEDY FESTIVAL is to be held at a location of more than a capacity of 67,000. The main event in 2020 is for breaking a Guinness World Record, this location may be outside of the state of Missouri but in a midwest state.

Both parties agree to abide by the following conditions in 2020:

The "Comedy Promoter" is to find a location for the comedy talent search in his/her city. The "Comedy Promoter" event(s) is to be on a date that will work with the tour schedule of the "Founder" and should be notified of that date and location ASAP. The talent search events are to run one day with no more than 10 contestants. However, the "Comedy Promoter" can run a comedy competition to find the 10 contestants. If the "Comedy Promoter" have a pre-competition for the comedy search and it runs for a week or more it must have a festival name. The "Comedy Promoter" must make sure the "Founder" is updated on everything related to his/her event(s). This include any issues on websites, promotional items, any media or at the locations. Each "Comedy Promoter" and the "Founder" agree to pay-it-forward by supporting 1 or 2 worthy causes with a percentage of the proceeds raised from their event(s). The percentage of donations are totally up to the individuals. The "Comedy Promoter"  must notify the "Founder" of the organization(s) receiving proceeds from their event(s). That organization name and/or logo will be added to the "Comedy Promoter" advertisement space on the "Founder" website(s) and it is up to the "Founder" to how long that space is to be occupied. All involved must acknowledge the worthy causes they're supporting and/or organization(s) they're donating to at least a week before the start of their event(s).

The Events of all "Comedy Promoters" collaborating will be advertised on the "Founder's" website(s) and will be removed within one year of or for reasons due to the ending of this agreement. The "Founder" ask that her events be added to the website of the "Comedy Promoter" within a week after signing this agreement. If the "Comedy Promoter" don't have a website that her events be shared on social media and/or as a flyer in the community.

The "Comedy Promoter" will be in charge of the following aspects of his/her event(s) if ran for more than a week. The "Comedy Promoter" is to find his/her own sponsors for their events and committee/team to help with planning if not helping the "Founder" get sponsors.
The "Comedy Promoter" will pay $2,500 which covers the winner round trip travel, hotel stay for the whole competition and lock them in as a sponsor for 2021. This $2,500 also include our collaboration fee. This fee will go up in the year 2021. The "Comedy Promoter" can pay $1,500 for their 2020 contestant if he/she only want to sponsor for this year. It should be deposited into the account of Midwest Show Me Funny Entertainment within 2 days after the "Comedy Promoter" event. 

The "Founder" will cover the cost to bring a contestant to her event if the "Comedy Promoter" drop out of this agreement and if it doesn't cause conflict with any other contestant. Each "Comedy Promoter" should know and be allowed to attend any and all meetings related to planning if helping get sponsors. The "Founder" must notify all involved at least 8 weeks or ASAP of any changes. Especially in locations, dates, travel plans, cancellations and anything that may cause any of the "Comedy Promoters" a financial hardship.

The "Comedy Promoter" and "Founder" will not enter into any contracts on behalf of either party without their knowledge and consent. 

________________________________________       __________________________________                                           
(Comedy Promoter's Signature)                        (Founder Signature)


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