Motivational Comedian Ms. Woody


Marshelle "Ms. Woody" Woodland


Marshelle "Comedian Ms. Woody" Woodland grew up in St. Louis, Mo. She has been developing her comedic art since the mid-1980's. As a college student at Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO), Ms. Woody was inspired to make people laugh by Cedric the entertainer. Cedric used her as a subject in his stand-up act, after that she knew she had to take her talent to the stage!!  Ms. Woody has performed with other comedians likes Jesse Taylor, Don Claire, Arvin Mitchell, Bob Lawrence and many other St. Louis comedians. Ms. Woody highly respected and honored her mentor, comedian/activist Richard Gregory who was another comedian from St. Louis that passed away August 19, 2018. Known to many around the world as Dick Gregory. 

After a hiatus from comedy, she worked two full-time jobs as a bi-state bus driver and united states postal carrier. Fifteen years and nine children later, she decided she had enough material in her surroundings to bring her art back to the public. Ms. Woody has co-hosted a radio program with Bob Lawrence. She produced, hosted and sponsored the Midwest "Show Me Funny" Comedy Competition in 2010. It featured comedians from all around the United States. She has organize or helped organize a few other events in and around the St. Louis area. She will do all she can to support worthy causes. 

Ms. Woody's main focus is the need for community members to encourage and support each other.

Whether she is fundraising for charities, passing out water in extreme heat to the homeless or driving her kids to school events. 

Ms. Woody is also focused on making Midwest "Show Me Funny" Entertainment the first venture incorporating multiple promoters for a single purpose. This will be executed by bringing corporations together for an event to sponsor and/or support worthy causes. This will help those organizations making a positive impact in the communities. Ms. Woody elaborates " when you are laughing you forget your troubles and your pain. It's always better to support people who are there for the greater good."